Dog Mountain Engagement Photos in Vancouver | Olivia and Ozzy

When couples want Dog Mountain engagement photos, we get super excited. Olivia and Ozzy wanted a location that really showcased the beauty of BC. Living in Vancouver, we’re so fortunate to have so many locations like this right in our backyard.

Planning for Engagement Photos on Dog Mountain

When planning for an engagement session on Dog Mountain, you first want to determine what time of year you want to shoot.

The winter months are great if you want snow capped trees and frozen lakes.

In the case of Olivia and Ozzy, they wanted their mountain engagement session in the late summer when it wasn’t as cold.

Next would be time of day. You definitely want to avoid the mid-day sun, both because of how hot it is, but also because of how harsh and unflattering the sun will look in the photos.

For this engagement photo session, we chose to start two hours before sunset to give us ample time to hike to the viewpoint.

What to wear to a Mountain Engagement Photo Session?

If you’re wondering what to wear to your mountain engagement, we always suggest something comfortable as there will be some hiking involved. Proper footwear is a must. Hiking shoes/boots for the warmer months, and warm hiking boots with cramp ons or snow shoes for the winter/snowy months. The last thing you want is to go unprepared and feel uncomfortable during the hike.

The Dog Mountain trail on Mt Seymour is relatively easy without too much change in elevation. Something casual, like a nice summer dress is totally feasible for the ladies and for the men, a nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt to change into is always a classic.

Olivia and Ozzy decided to go for casual, active wear for the hiking portion of the shoot. When we arrived at the view point, Olivia slipped into a white linen dress with wedge heels and Ozzy put on a pair of pants with a cool looking button up. They straight up look like models for Gap!

What if it Gets Dark During the Session?

Hiking in the dark comes with its challenges, but when you’re prepared, it’s no different than hiking during the day.

It’s always important to give yourself more time than you need when out in the wilderness. When we arrived at the viewpoint, we knew Olivia and Ozzy would need some time to change outfits.

By the time the finished their outfit change, the sun was starting to look really nice. We took advantage of the golden light before the sun set over the adjacent mountains.

As the sun got lower and lower, the sky turned from a deep crimson red of golden hour to the subdued blue tones of blue hour.

The city lights below had turned on and we kept shooting until we only had the faint glow of the moon around us. This is when we brought out the headlamps to guide us along the trail back to our cars.

Olivia and Ozzy, it was such a pleasure meeting the two of you. We had so much fun getting to know you better during your session and we wish you all the best in your amazing wedding journey to come!

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