Mount Seymour Engagement Photography

When it came to deciding a location for Kiana and Andrew’s engagement photography session, they gave just one stipulation – “to be somewhere surrounded by our tree friends”. The rest was up to us. With just that one requirement, we had a ton of different locations to go with, but we wanted something special for them and something they would absolutely LOVE. We decided to take Kiana and Andrew up Mount Seymour for their Engagement Photography Session. We timed the session so that we would get to the top right at golden hour, do our engagement photography, then head back down the trail with the remaining light. It was PERFECT.

Mount Seymour Engagement Photography - Couple hugging and kissing in the forest

Mount Seymour Engagement Photography - close up of couple kissing in the forest

We’ve always had an affinity to people who enjoy nature and being outdoors because, as they say, like attracts like. Right?

Mount Seymour Engagement Photography - couple hugging in the middle of a snowy trail in the forest


When we first met Kiana and Andrew, they were toying with the idea of possibly taking a helicopter ride on their wedding day to capture some truly epic photographs. Our previous work with helicopter weddings was what actually drew them to us, but as the months passed, it became more and more unfeasible for that option for their wedding.

To make up for this, we suggested a mountain top sunset engagement session on Mount Seymour, but there was just one thing. We would have to hike up there ourselves and carry everything in, then of course hike back with everything because #LeaveNoTrace.

They agreed to embark upon this adventure with us even though we’d most likely have to hike back in the dark. we think they were sold on the fact that David would be their personal porter and carry all their things. Lucky for David, they decided to pack light.


For our session, we were graced with amazing weather, but being that it was still mid-spring, there was still some remaining snow pack on the trail. We took our time along the precarious paths and safely made it to our destination well before sunset. The great thing about mountain top sunset sessions is that you’re often the last ones up on the mountain so you’ve got the whole peak to yourselves!

We had some absolutely amazing light at the top and finished our session as the sun disappeared over the adjacent mountain ridges.

As the light quickly faded, we packed our things and started heading back down the mountain.

Kiana and Andrew, thank you so much for joining us on this epic adventure. It’s couples like you who truly help me create our best work.

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How cool (literally) to be up in the mountains with the sun on your back. Lovely shots, especially in that blush dress.


What a sweet session with this adorable couple!! This location looks so beautiful too, great work!!


Thus is the kind of work we’ve been looking for, for our own celebrations. Love the location and the sunset light is a dream… thanks for sharing!

ok. these engagement photos are incredible, that liiiight and I love how beautiful the mount seymour area is!


These photos are so incredible! I’m always so jealous of the golden hour that the coastal mountains get. I love the Rockies, but hot damn you captured that golden sunset perfectly!


THESE ARE AMAZING! I literally couldn’t stop looking at them. You nailed it!!

this Mount Seymour adventure session is beautiful! i love the way you captured it.

Such a great location, can’t believe she rocked that dress and sandals in the snow!

I love how much dimension are in these photos. Especially the one with the roots towards the top of the page and the bottom left image with the trees in foreground and mountains in background. It adds so many layers of intrigue. I’m sure this couple was absolutely thrilled with their photos and never thought anything more about missing out on a helicopter experience. After all it’s about the romantic experience in a beautiful and wild place and you certainly captured this flawlessly. Thanks for creating beautiful things in the world!

Samuel 🏴‍☠️

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