Anytime we get asked to photograph a wedding in Squamish, we get all giddy inside. When we first met with Danica and Colin, there was an instant connection. And when they told us they wanted to keep their wedding in Squamish as eco friendly and sustainable as possible, that lit a fire of joy inside our hearts because, let’s be frank, weddings are typically not the most eco friendly events out there.

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Our day started off at the Executive Suites Hotel in Squamish where Danica and Colin had their morning prep. After walking through the door and getting acquainted with everyone, the first thing we do is take a walk around to see what the light is doing while taking note of any interesting colours and textures in the space. The bright red chair as well as the driftwood art instantly caught my eye so I quickly grabbed all the details and got to work.

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Having an Eco Friendly Wedding doesn’t mean saving the world.

“While planning sustainably, you don’t have to tackle all the world’s environmental issues at once. Pick a few areas where you can make a difference and commit to them. Going zero-waste and supporting local vendors were our two achievable foci that reflected who we are and helped shape our vision.” – Danica

Such great advice for anyone trying to plan an eco friendly wedding, but also for day to day life as well. The hand-carved ring box above and focus on greenery instead of florals were just a few of the ways that helped make this wedding a little bit more sustainable.

eco friendly wedding floral design

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eco friendly wedding dress

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Personalized and Sustainable Gifts

While I was documenting the girls getting ready, Justina was in another suite with the groom and groomsmen. When deciding on gifts for the groomsmen, Colin wanted to include a practical gift (the Leatherman) as well as something sustainable. Enter Casca Shoes, a footwear company located in Vancouver, that is committed to implementing ethical and sustainable practices in all of their practices.

Once the guys were dressed and well hydrated, it was time to set Colin up for the first look.

The Most Precious First Look

Colin seemed as cool as a cucumber, but we knew he was so excited to see Danica all dolled up by Dolly Make Up. We took Colin to the Squamish Estuary and set him up for the first look. Words can’t describe how magical this moment was so we’ll just let you scroll down and see for yourselves.

Reunited at Last!

The group was finally all together again! We continued on with a few wedding party portraits on the spot, then went for a walk deeper into the estuary for some more stunning mountain views. There were strong gusts of winds throughout our session, which made for some really magical images near the water. We loved how the winds picked up the linens and really made them look alive!

As we finished our session, the wedding party headed back to the cars and we took Danica and Colin to another spot for more photos with the mighty Stawamus Chief standing in the background.

Eco Friendly Wedding Venue – An Emphasis on Sustainability

With sustainability at the forefront of Danica and Colin’s wedding, they wanted their wedding venue to have the same values. The Locavore Bar & Grill started off as a little food truck, but has grown into a full service bar and grill serving up dishes made with locally sourced ingredients from the pacific north west.

“Sustainability Baked into Every Bite”

Are you sick and tired of reading about sustainability and eco friendly weddings yet? If so, too bad!

Wedding favours are one of those things we never know what to do with after receiving them. Danica and Colin didn’t want to give out gifts that would just eventually break and end up in a landfill. Instead, they opted for a consumable gift in the form of cookies by Susgrainable.

Susgrainable is a company started in Vancouver and they “rescue” or repurpose spent grains from breweries and turn them into delicious baked goods. You can read more about their sustainable practices here. Order one of their take home bake mixes while you’re at it 🙂

“What about the Packaging?” – Eco Friendly Wedding Favours

Well, I’m glad you asked! Sustainable baked goods mean nothing if they’re wrapped in disposable single use plastic!

Danica and Colin went the extra step by having each cookie wrapped in reusable cloth beeswax wraps from Olsen + Olsen. Beeswax wraps are reusable again and again. They keep your food fresh and they can be cut up and thrown into the compost bin when they’ve reached the end of their lives. Win-win-win!

eco friendly wedding favours - susgrainable cookies

Non-Traditional and Traditional at the Same Time

Danica and Colin had a beautiful wedding ceremony in front of a select group of friends and family. Their ceremony incorporated parts of Danica’s Filipino heritage – those being the coin, veil, cord and unity candle traditions.

Sunset in the Mountains

We found instant connection with Danica and Colin when we met with them way back in 2019. We bonded over our love of the outdoors so it only made sense to run away to the mountains for a sunset session following their wedding ceremony. We didn’t have to travel too far from the venue for some amazing views 🙂

Welcome, The Mayer’s!

We made it back to the venue in time for the newlyweds to mingle with their guests a little bit before being seated for the start of the reception. The evening kicked off with a few housekeeping items – you know, COVID rules and stuff – as well as some hors d’oeuvres served up family style.

A sparkling end to the evening

We spent the evening with our new friends listening about stories of Colin’s skiing adventures and Danica’s field hockey accolades. Before lighting up some sparklers to send them off on their first dance.

It was the perfect way to finish off a successful day. Colin and Danica, we are so blessed to have met the two of you. Thank you so much for trusting in us to capture your day and including us in your wedding journey.

If you’d like to read more about our journey with Danica and Colin, head on over to view their engagement session blog!

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