Change of plans. Let’s Have an Intimate Squamish Elopement!

Like everyone else in the world, the COVID-19 corona virus has throw a wrench into the plans for Brandon and Cheryl’s wedding. This prompted the birth of this gorgeous Intimate Squamish Elopement. Brandon and Cheryl were originally to host their nuptials atop Grouse Mountain – and they still are, just next year!

Things don’t always go as planned… Hey there, Ranger!

A few weeks prior, we had driven up to Squamish together to scout out a location for their Intimate Squamish Elopement. We collectively decided on Porteau Cove Provincial Park for its gorgeous sunset views over the tantalus mountain range… but things don’t always go as planned – as is the theme for 2020.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a Park Ranger whom informed us that we couldn’t hold their Elopement in the park without a wedding photography permit. Bummer.

Meanwhile, Cheryl was sitting in the car hidden away from Brandon. Normally, this would’ve been devastating news for any bride on her wedding day, but not Cheryl. She wasn’t phased at all. She was just so excited to get married.

The Ranger graciously allowed us to take photos in the park – they just couldn’t have their elopement ceremony. With this news, we quickly set Brandon up for his first look at his beautiful bride to be. This is what happened next:

Groom standing at the lookout at Porteau Cove waiting for his bride to be before his micro wedding in squamish

Groom holding bride's bouquet for his Squamish Micro Wedding

Groom smiling and looking off in the distance before his Squamish Micro Wedding

Series of images of bride walking to her groom for her Squamish Micro Wedding

bride tapping groom on shoulder before their Squamish Micro Wedding

Groom turning around and smiling at bride before their Squamish Micro Wedding

bride and groom smiling at each other in excitement before their Squamish Micro Wedding

groom wiping tear from his eye before his Squamish Micro Wedding

Groom excited for his Squamish Micro Wedding after seeing his bride

First Look – Check. Let’s go Elope!

We’ve been smiling ear to ear editing these photos. Just look at these smiles! Following his little sneak peek, we went for a quick walk down to the rocky beach for portraits. The excitement was building up!

bride and groom holding hands and walking away to their Squamish Micro Wedding

front photograph of bride and groom walking to their Squamish Micro Wedding

Bride and groom posed on rocky beach at Porteau Cove Provincial park for their Squamish Micro Wedding

A Beautifully Intimate Squamish Elopement with their Closest Friends & Family

Brandon and Cheryl’s closest friends as well as Brandon’s mother came up to witness their union. After our quick portrait session, we were greeted with some hooting and hollering – MORE EXCITEMENT!

We took a moment to hash out a game plan. Justina and I know of a secret spot along the highway in Squamish, which we thought would be perfect for this Elopement. Back in the day, we would come to this spot to watch the sunset after long days of climbing. This location sometimes can be occupied so we decided to have Britannia Beach as a back up. Sure enough, our secret spot was not so secret anymore, it was way too busy for this intimate wedding. We nixed that idea and continued on to Britannia Beach.

It was a cloudy day, but the view was amazing. Just check out those Jesus Beams!

Getting congratulatory honks along the highway.

We made our way across the highway and down to the beach to pick out a spot. “Oh hey, how about over there?”, said Brandon. HECK YES. We quickly set ourselves up for the most beautiful elopement ever… I say quickly because we were running out of dry land! The tide was coming in hot and we imagined about 30 minutes before our spot disappeared.

Are your hearts melting yet?

Ours already have!! It was gloomy all day and there was rain in the forecast, but as Brandon and Cheryl began to say their “I do’s”, it started clearing up… then it started raining… and the tide was getting closer… but it was SO beautiful.

Bride and Groom Joining hands Squamish Micro Wedding

I think Brandon got hit in the eyeball with a tear.. I mean rain drop.


When we look at the two of you, looking at each other, it warms our hearts. It gives us solace in these crazy times. It gives us hope. It gives us happiness. Thank you!

We Celebrated with toasts!

We celebrated with toasts over flutes of sparkling apple juice and parted ways after one last group photograph.

Brandon and Cheryl, you two are amazing people. This journey, planning your Intimate Micro Wedding in Squamish, has been full of ups and downs – mainly ups. We’re so freaking grateful to have been able to meet the two of you and we’re so happy that this journey is far from over. See you again for your engagement photos… hahaha!

Although micro weddings like this are happening in all municipalities, it’s important to be aware of and follow the guidelines set forth by our provincial health officer. You can find those guidelines here:  COVID-19 Event Guidelines

Has your wedding been disrupted due to COVID-19?

Get in touch with us and we can help you plan your very own Micro Wedding as well!

Veronica Loat

I can’t think of any other bride who would traipse down the Upper Levels with her wedding train tucked under her arm; clamber up rocks; or carry off a situation like this without being fazed! Cheryl … looking through the pictures I have lived through your wedding day and laughed my head off at how much fun it turned out to be. I hope you and Brandon bring this spirit of joy and laughter to your life together. Imagine the hilarious dinner conversations in the future years, when you tell this story. I can’t stop smiling:) By the way … I love the red heels!! Lots and lots of love to you both.

Such a gorgeous intimate wedding it looks like this couple had an amazing day 🙂


I loved that they still could get photos done- way to go park ranger! These are beautiful and you captured it perfect.

The way you told their story and how they were able to find magic no matter where they were with all of the support was so beautiful! 😭❤️

These are such beautiful photos! The first look photos are so gorgeous. And I love the shot of them showing off their rings!!

What a beautiful intimate squamish micro wedding. So glad they were able to have their first look in the park. Perfect!


I love all of these photos! It looks like it was such a beautiful wedding- so many smiles! So incredibly beautiful!

holy cow these are insanely gorgeous. i went to squamish last year and have been dying to get back. you really showed how beautiful the location is as well as the couple.

You made them look so good! What a beautiful location, too. The lighting seems perfect! Great job.

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