A few of the North Shore mountains from the inside of a Gastown Studio during an engagement photo session

Gastown Studio Engagement Photos| Escaping a Polar Vortex

When Susan and Oliver got in touch with me for their engagement photos last year, this Gastown studio wasn’t even on their radar because they wanted a photoshoot outdoors in the city. Vancouver has been experiencing a very wet and mild winter this year, but in mid-January, we finally got our first cold snap. Temperatures dropped to -13 degrees in the city, which meant that any hopes of capturing Susan’s newly acquired baby bump in a dress outdoors totally diminished and we would have to retreat indoors for their session. No one here is complaining, though, because we found this incredible studio space in Gastown which was perfect for their engagement photos. With minimal decor, clean white brick walls and copious amounts of natural light, this small space was like a blank canvas for creating beautiful portraits.

An empty Gastown Studio right before an engagement photo session.

Meeting the Couple

Susan and Oliver got engaged last year. A few months into their engagement, they found out Susan was pregnant and wedding planning halted. Susan quickly got in touch with me to schedule an engagement session before she started showing too much, but with the holiday season upon us, we decided to wait until the early new year. Susan started showing much quicker than anticipated so her engagement session turned into a mini maternity session instead!

I arrived at the studio in advanced to check in and make sure everything was in good order. As I was doing so, I looked out the window and imagined this cute scene of a couple dashing across the street below hand in hand. I quickly called Susan and Oliver to explain the scene to them and they were happy to oblige after they set their things down in the studio. My vision came to life – our session was off to a great start! Susan & Oliver braved the frigid temps until we couldn’t feel our fingers anymore and we retreated to the comfort of our indoor space.

A birds eye view of a couple crossing the street taken from the inside of a Gastown Studio during an engagement photo session A couple holding hands walking towards a gastown studio during their engagement photo session Close up of a couple holdings hands during their gastown studio engagement photo session.

A Warm and Cozy Space

Photographing inside can come with challenges, but this studio was a natural light photographers dream! Our session started off with more formal attire. I love the contrast between Oliver and Susan’s outfits and how they stand out against the clean white walls of the studio. We took advantage of every corner of space in this studio and created magic!

Outfit Change | Something More Comfortable

After our formal shots, Susan and Oliver changed into a more comfortable outfit. This time, they had matching outfits of jeans and a white top. We started off snuggled up on the sofa, then had fun introducing some more movement into the photos. The sun was still pouring into the room, but it was getting warmer and less intense.

Even though space was so limited in this Gastown studio, I had so much fun photographing Susan & Oliver’s engagement/maternity session. The light was SO good for our whole session and their fun and carefree energy made my job that much easier. Thank you again for having me take these photos for you and congratulations again on your little one!

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