“Wanna Hike to the Top of a Mountain for your Engagement Photos?”

That’s what I said to Alexandria & Andreas a few weeks before their Mountain Engagement Photos. A few weeks prior to their shoot, Justina and I hiked to the top of Mount Seymour with our pooch, Nazko. It was Mid-Autumn when we scouted the hike and the temperatures were dropping well below zero overnight, but we decided to pack our gear and spend the night at the Third Peak anyways. That’s how committed we are to getting the BEST light for our couples.

Fast Forward a Week or Two

We had a window of amazing weather so we quickly scheduled A&A’s mountain engagement photos in. It was the day before Halloween and the sunset at that time was at around 6:00PM. According to Vancouver Trails, this 9Km hike, with 450m of elevation gain, should take approximately 5 hours round trip. With that, and our scouting info in mind, I suggested that we start our hike at 1PM so that we could have enough time to shoot on the way up, do an outfit change at the top, and finish off with some epic sunset mountain summit photos. We’d be hiking back in the dark, but we were 100% prepared for that.

Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

Nazko and I arrived at the parking lot ahead of schedule, but Alex and Andreas were running a little behind… about an hour to be exact. I was afraid that this would cut into our shooting time, but I forgot that Alex and Andreas are SUPER FIT. We knew we were pressed for time, so as soon they arrived, we slung our bags over our shoulders and started RUNNING up the mountain. Ok fine, we weren’t running, but we were hiking SO FAST. Pools of sweat were collecting in the crevasses of my back and ass (aka “swass”) – even more than usual because of all gear I was carrying. It’s a good thing Justina and I keep fit with our hiking, trail running and cycling, because I don’t think mere mortals would have been able to keep up with these two seasoned mountain goats.

My favourite spot for Mountain Engagement Photos – The “Swass” Was Worth it!

I mean, c’mon. Just look at these epic mountain top sunset photos. Mount Seymour is by far my favouritest spot in Vancouver for summit engagement photos. It was freezing cold up on the summit, but the warm golden light was enough to keep our spirits high. The sun was starting to dip below the horizon and that was our cue to change back into our hiking clothes and hike back down to our cars.

One Last Shot With Nazko

Because he’s such an attention seeker and suck up… also, how can you NOT have a summit photo with @IamNazko? We said our farewell’s to Mount Seymour and the setting sun and started down the mountain. We were able to make it back to our cars without even having to bring out the headlamps as there was enough light in the sky to guide us through the trails.

Alex and Andreas, Nazko and I had SO much fun with you two. This was truly an evening to remember and Justina and I are SO excited to film and photograph your mountain top elopement in Whistler this week!

Are you thinking of hiking Mount Seymour for your Engagement Photos, but don’t want to commit to the 5 hour hike? Check out this earlier post with Kiana and Andrew for an easier and less challenging hike!


I love the last photos as the light is going down and highlighting the layers of mountains. Those are epic! I definitely need to check out Mt Seymour next time im in the area–your work is inspiring!

Woooow, this light gives me gooosebumbs! So beautiful and amazing. Love this Story!

Ann Marie

Absolutely gorgeous! So glad it ended up working out OK for you all and getting those epic phoyis. Love this!

What an awesome engagement session! I love the mix of casual and formal clothing contrasted by the stunning location! Beautiful!


Your photos make me wanna go up quickly hiking too. The view is gorgeous just like the couple you captured
Love them!

Wow, Mount Seymour is unbelievable and these photos are beautiful! Not a bad hike, but definitely a good thing the engaged couple were in such great shape! Your scouting definitely gave these two the perfect photos.

I wish more couples were willing to work that hard for their photos! The blue dress at sunset was incredible. Well Done!

i love your work so much! these mount seymour engagement photos are stunning. what a cute couple!

Wow the light at the end is stunning! So worth the hike!

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